Design & Development

We can create anything you can imagine.

Your website should be a powerful sales tool that allows you to attract new leads. We keep up with the most innovative web design trends in order to create modern and mobile-first websites where visitors can find all the information they need, quickly.

We provide flexible WordPress solutions from fully managed systems to custom plugins and audits. WordPress has become an integral part of our business and many of our businesses are entirely based around WordPress. We are based in Canada and UK to provide near 24/7 support and very fast response times.

At Bearhug Digital, we can build your site from the ground up, or make changes and enhancements to your existing site to deliver a rich user experience to your site visitors. With SEO Optimized content, rich content including blogs, video and social media and more, your visitors will remember your business.

Our site design experts will create a site that is not only SEO optimized, but a site that is visually stunning. Statistics show that almost 94% of site visitors base their first impression of a company on website design. Let’s face it – looks really do matter when it comes to site design. Users will quickly turn away if your site is clunky, hard to read and not visually appealing. The beauty of WordPress site building is the multitude of elements that can be incorporated to keep your site visitors engaged, interested, and ready to come back.

Mobile Friendly Sites

High traffic sites need to be adaptable to viewing from any type of device including mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops, otherwise you risk losing the audience. The fact is, more than half of all internet activity in the world today is performed from a device other than a good old fashioned computer. Bearhug Digital designs sites that will load and run beautifully from any type of device, using any operating system, any browser.

User Experience Experts

A key element of a great website is ease of use. It needs to be visually stunning, but also intuitive and simple to navigate. Site visitors don’t want to have to dig through level after level of pages to find the information they are looking for. If your site isn’t easy to navigate, potential leads may get bored and leave the site before they find what they are looking for. Our WordPress sites are simple and easy to navigate, with well organized pages that will hold the interest of your visitors long after they have left the site.

Purposeful Design

Even if your site looks stunning, if the design isn’t ‘purposeful’, your visitors may get bored. Bearhug Digital sites encompass more than just good lucks and easy navigation – they are comprised of your content displayed using the best technology, with in-built marketing elements that will not only engage your existing audience but bring in and grow your customer base. It all happens behind the scenes and includes top notch SEO, PPC and more. Our designers build everything you need seamlessly into your site so that you don’t have to worry that your visitors will leave before spending quality time getting to you know your business.

Our Strategy

Our strategy begins with discovery. Who are your targeted demographics? What are your products and services? Who is your competition? What is lacking in your existing site?

We spend time becoming informed and well versed in all aspects of your business before we begin site development, so that we are armed with the data-driven information that will help us create a site your visitors won’t forget.

Defining Market Channels

Defining the marketing channels your business needs is key to developing a rich website. Through a combination of content, SEO, Local SEO, PPC, Re-targeting and Re-marketing and social media presence, your site will be built around every available marketing channel to help launch your business to new heights.

Once we’ve completed the defining and discovery phases, we’ll begin construction of your super streamlined site. Our WordPress sites translate beautifully to all devices!

Ready, Set, Launch!

Once the site has been built and all technologies tested, your site will be launched. This is a critical period, where all of the efforts will begin to pay off. Don’t worry, our experts will be here to support you, and will work continuously to make changes and improvements as we learn about the direction of growth your new site begins to take.

The culmination of our work delivers to your users a persona-drive user experience that can’t be beat.

Why choose Bearhug Digital?

At Bearhug Digital, we offer a wide range of services that include digital marketing, website design, development and hosting, ongoing support and more. We are your one-stop digital solution. The success of your business depends on our expertise. Bearhug Digital offers everything you need.

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