We create meaningful content that gets results.

Our content marketing services help motivate your audience to take action, help your website gain online exposure and turn your audience into loyal followers. We research your industry and build content plans that will drive traffic to your website and build social links through shares and interaction.

Explosive Growth

With our marketing services, you’ll be provided with a firm strategy to help generate leads through our content writing, editing, and publishing directly to your site.  These hands-free services will help to direct potential customers directly to your website whilst you concentrate on the everyday running of your business.  Our content creation services can also be used for email marketing, search engine content, and social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

We’ll engage your customers with content that is relevant to their needs, build their trust, and influence their decisions to do business with your company.

Why It Works

Let’s take a look at why Content Marketing is so important in today’s digital world…

Content replaces the old fashioned ad copy of the past.  By creating tailored, engaging content we can get to the heart of what your customers really want, in a medium that is easily accessible at any time.  And research suggests that the more content a potential client views on your site, the higher the likelihood they are to engage with your business.

The great thing about Content Marketing is that it costs less than traditional advertising for your business and you’ll receive a multitude of other benefits too:

  • Keeps your audience informed with current and up to date content (such as blogs) which also increases your site traffic and SEO exposure
  • With the right content you’ll be able to increase the traffic from your emails and social media accounts
  • Conversion rates based on well written content can increase up to three times
  • Reduced marketing costs – Digital Marketing costs on average 62% less than traditional marketing strategies

Content Marketing Strategy

Knowing your target audience is key to creating the best content for your business.  Our team will analyze your audience and prospective traffic to understand their needs, then develop content that will directly target those needs.  This strategy has proven to have one of the highest rates of engagement of any marketing strategy.  It’s simple.  Give your customers what they want.  Keep them informed.  Keep them engaged.  Keep them on the edge of their seats and wanting more!

Our Content Development team are experts who deliver professional results that target your audience.  Unlike other Digital Marketing companies, Bearhug Digital’s team of developers will author original targeted content that will draw in potential customers.  Through the use of a company blog on your site, visitors will be able to read about your service offerings, learn helpful tips and information about your products and services, and stay engaged with your business.

One of the most effective ways to deliver your content is through the use of an on-site blog, where visitors can read at their leisure.  However, for more aggressive distribution, social media tools like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, combined along with email marketing campaigns that can potentially double or triple your viewership, thereby increased lead generation and conversion.

Analytics and Reporting

Analytics are an important part of Content Marketing.  As part of our Content Marketing strategy, we’ll include monthly analytics reports that will help track and measure the performance of every element of your digital presence.

Ad Reporting

Through Ad Reporting, you’ll be able to see which new marketing strategies are making a difference, and which older ones we retired due to stagnation or poor performance.

Conversion Analysis

You’ll see the proven results of how conversion has increased, with more visitors and leads to your site and content.

Call Tracking

Include toll-free phone numbers on your site to entice and track your leads!  Studies show that there are two types of people in the world – readers, and talkers.  By offering rich content, readers will spend more time on your site.  By offering toll-free phone numbers, you’ll be able to increase brand awareness and leads by allowing ‘talkers’ to speak to a real live member of your team or virtual assistant.

Site Traffic

Analyse how well your site is performing with site tracking and analytics that will show you just how much traffic and conversions have increased based on the number of site visitors.

Why Choose Bearhug Digital?

At Bearhug Digital, we provide done-for-you digital marketing services that include end to end solutions for any size or type of business.  Through a combination of all our Digital Marketing services we have all the tools and expertise to take your business to the next level.

Knowing the results of your digital marketing strategies will help take your site and business from the average to a high performance lead conversion machine, with site-proven data to back it up.

Bearhug Digital will not only help grow your web presence, we’ll be here to help you understand the strategies that work best for your business, while phasing out older strategies that just don’t work in today’s high-tech digital world. Let’s get started.